June 13 11:00 AM

$2 Member Glass - Wednesdays & Live Music Events!

Sunday, June 13, 2021

Price: $2.00 Duration: 30 min Group Size: 1 - 4 Guests

For Club Members only, enjoy $2 glass pours at these events!

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Club Member Exclusive Event

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Summer is here and so is Wine Wednesday, Hawthorne Happy Hour, and Second Sundays!!!

We are excited to be able to bring these events back full swing BUT there are still some occupancy restrictions we have to abide by so to ensure the best experience for all of our guests we are asking that you make reservations for the following events:

Wine Wednesday: Join us each week and take andantage of one of our most popular Member perks - $2 glasses of wine for members all day long.

Hawthorne Happy Hour: We will be hosting live music each Wednesday (weather permitting) from 5 - 7pm. Lock in your seat and $2 glass by making a reservation.

Second Sundays: On the "Second Sunday" of each month we will be welcoming a local musician to help us end the weekend on the right note! Members who wish to join and enjoy their $2 glass pours during the event should reserve here!